my seven month old roo doesn't crow or mount

It could be his hormones haven't really kicked in yet - it can take awhile for them to get the full wallop of hormones. Or perhaps he's only mating when you don't see it.

Do you perhaps have any other roosters that are more dominant than him? Less dominant roosters often do not crow as much or mount the hens, since the dominant rooster does not like to allow others to mate.
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Can he see them? They might be fence fighting with him or he may feel subordinate to them even though they can't get to him. My three free range cockerels are subordinate to my ayam cemani cock even though he is almost never out of the pen. They will fight at the fence with him and back down, and they will not mate with any hens in his line of sight. When he's out of the pen, they stay out of his way and don't really mate with hens at all unless they can sneak it while he's on the other side of the property.

Of course your boy will probably eventually learn that they can't get to him and will start mating with his hens eventually I'm sure. He just might be a little reluctant due to the other roosters right now. It could also be that he's just not feeling his hormones yet, especially with the decreased daylight hours.
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You also might want to crack an egg and check for fertility if you haven't - he might be mating them when you aren't looking ;)
I keep waiting to hear him crow, my other two are like dueling banjos in the a.m. lol

I will check fertility of my eggs in a week and hope for the best :) :) I want to add two hens from my other pen, will that mess anything up?

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