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    Apr 24, 2016
    Hello! I have a sick 5 week old chick I need help on. She is supposedly a Freedom Ranger broiler, but looks much smaller than the others and feather coloration is different, but could be because she is sick. I noticed her about 4 days ago in the broiler pen and she looked very small, her body was built different from the rest, her legs were a third the size of the others, I figured she was a laying hen that accidentally got shipped with the broilers. So I put her with the layers that are the same age as the broilers. She looked the same size as them. She was looking puny in the broiler pen, so I do not think putting her with the layers messed her up. They did not pick on her either. She just lies around alot even when everybody else is all playing or doing things, she just lays in the corner, I separated her from everybody else to give her some special attention and noticed her poop looks weird. It is solid green and the urine is a vibrant yellow. Nothing like anything I see on any charts. Does anybody need pictures of her or her poop? I am giving her some Molasses water with some sugar in it for a Laxative and Electrolytes I gave her some fresh Oregano to nibble on. She seems to be eating and drinking ok. Any suggestions? I do not want a chicken to die! TIA!!

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