My Silkie is acting strange.


Mar 12, 2018
Recently my silkie has been acting weird. last night i saw her huddled in the corner soaking wet from the rain. i saw that their food had gotten clogged so i cleared it. as soon as the silkie heard the food she came running over. so i thought she was just starving. and i thought that was the end of it. well, i checked a couple hours later and she was right back in a corner. which is very odd for her because she typically sleeps in a nest box. so i picked her up and put her in it so she wasn't in the cold rain. this morning she was out of her box and walking around just fine. i kept an eye on her all day but i never saw her jump up to the roost or nest box. so i went and checked on her around 9pm today and it was the same thing as last night. she was huddled by the door. and i had to put her in the box. she seems sick or weak, and i just do not know what to do. they have plenty of food and water. so i am not sure what is wrong with her. keep in mind the two chicken i have left are very old and do not lay anymore. if you have any advice or experience with this please help.

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