My Silkies are Dirty!!!!!! Please Help!!!!


8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
So i have to blue silkies and they are about 2 months old. They tke dust baths with my other chickens which are silver laced wynadottes but it just makes them dirtier. I was wondering can i actully bathe them like with soap and water??? if so how do i dry them and what soap is the best to use. Also just wondering one of my blue silkies is pure white is it humane to well dye it pink using beet juice because i really want it to be pink

Please Help
Ok so basically just rinse them off and what about the beet juice do i sound mean because i want to dye my chickens????????
I've seen posts where people use kool aid to dye their chickens...but I'm a bit confused. You have a 'white' blue silkie?????
Blue Silkie is the full name. Their skin is actually considered blue, so blue it looks black. So Kookykate is right in saying she has White Blue Silkies. Like I have a Blue Blue Silkie....
actually you can use just a tiny amount of dawn dish detergent to help get them clean. I see no problem with using beet juice other than maybe washing out anything that is sticky or that would attract ants

ETA: a pink silkie would be neat! And I forgot you blow dry them!
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Well yeaa some how one of my blu silkies turned out pure white its weird but i wanted to make her pink. So yeaa and does anyone have silkies if so how do you wash them!!!!!!!!
We have to wash our chickens now and then, if they got under the roost at night and are all pooped on, or if they ate an egg and have it all over themselves. Once they had mites, and we used Adams Flea and Tick dog shampoo, it smells great. New Puppy smell great.

Blow drying a chicken can take about an hour. Free feathers dry in a minute or two, but when they're still attached to the chicken it takes a very long time, just be careful not to burn the very delicate skin beneath the fluffs, always keep your hand inbetween the hot air and the chicken as you try to fluff it, so you can stay aware of how hot its getting.

Our chickens like a bath and a blow dry. They hold their wingies out, lay on their sides as if in a sunbathing experience.
Ok well thanks everyone I'm gunna go wash them and dye them ill post pics within the hour !!!!!!

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