My Silver Laced Waydotte being raised by my silkie bantam hen "Isabow"

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    Mar 26, 2013
    I tried earlier this spring to hatch my own chick but it didn't work in a incubator, I did all the right things, heat temp, water temp, moister temp. candling, but didn't work, then I went to a farm/animal swap at Farm and tractor supply, Love the store, anyhow i picked up a white silkie, that I was told its a female hen, and I picked up a silkie/sea bright cross bantam Rare) from what I've seen on here, that was a adult hen. the owner stated she would be a great Broody hen, and she was. about 2 months after i got her, I put 7 Silver Laced wyandotte Eggs under her and BOOM!!! the weekend of The Fourth of July I had 7 Baby chicks, I figured out with my adult that i raised I had 5 and I knew I had 2 rooster's and 3 females. This time I did the same but I marked their legs I have 2 Rooster's again and 5 hens. Here is "Isabow" the Silkie mix with "Snowball" the Rooster He's a Silkie. I thought was a Hen. With 7 Baby SLW chicks and you know the parents. "Drumstick" (Major player) Gully, Girl and Baby their my first ever SLW raised from chicks last spring 2012 the other Rooster was "Soup" I had to give him away. DRUMSTICK was kicking his butt bad.


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