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Oct 30, 2008
Okay, here's the deal. I teach Sunday school. I have first and second grade because my neighbor didn't want to teach her own kid. I respect that. However, I'm SO not used to this age level. I have only three kids (girls) in my class, so that makes it really nice, and it's nice to have more than one. However, when it comes to some stuff I have absolutely NO idea.

Usually this stuff falls into the "is this common" portion. Like, do 1st and 2nd graders usually do this stuff type of thing.

This week it's using permanent markers. I finally just broke down and called the neighbor's house and asked if it would be okay, if supervised. It's just so they can write something on a construction paper windsock they're making. Then my next question was about Elmer's glue...We usually use glue sticks, but in this case a little dab of Elmer's (Or school glue, or whatever it's called) will work so much better.

Teaching the lessons is fine, I just have to remember to ask questions that are more concrete than I usually do. What did so-and-so do and How was so-and-so feeling when...

And the differences between first and second grade! I have one girl in first grade and two in second. The first grader can read, but not well, so I'm always helping her with the worksheets while the other two whip through them, so I always have to have some fun work on hand for them to do. Then I have to make sure the older kids aren't picking on the younger one for writing slower or not getting things on the first try. I just remind them that when they were in first grade they weren't so much different. Usually it's just one girl that does the teasing and the like, and she happens to be my neighbor, so if it gets to be too much, I put her alone so she can't make comments. My neighbor has no objections.

I know they are being normal kids, but last year the teacher just basically read them the story and didn't do anything fun with them, so I'm trying to change that. Ugh. I can't wait till next year when I'll get my older class back. I had that one down pretty well, even if it was only one student.

Just had to vent it a little bit, as I'm sitting here getting the lesson ready. It's okay to have the shake up a little bit. The new experience is making me really think about how I teach, so that's good. It's just that I'm licensed for high school, and so the older the better for me. Generally the elementary grades scare me.


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Jul 16, 2009
It will be fine. The kids will look up to you. That's what counts. It's not so much that THEY read, but that they understand the story. And projects are fun! That's great that you are willing to do that. This age group is starting to be responsable. So regular elmers glue and perminant markers if fine. Just make sure they don't get it on their clothing so their parents do get upset. Maybe you could suggest they bring a old raggy shirt from home to wear over their clothes. And again....


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Nov 30, 2007
you will do fine. I had from age 3 up to age 10 in one class room . not an easy task the older ones get board very easy. might I suggest that you get a glue gun one of the safty ones that wont burn them. elmers glue or what ever takes so long to dry. yo will be amazed how much easier it is with them. and when mine paint I always ask the parents to send a big old t shirt for them to put on over their clothes that way they dont ruin their good clothes.


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yep, those things are totally normal, and as for the difference between first and second graders, that also depends more on the child and his/her maturity level rather than actual grade level. I am working with the "Treasure Seekers" in our church, which is the 7-12 year old group. Talk about a difference between age levels...
huge, HUGE dif between the youngest & the oldest in the class. It can be a challenge tailoring a class to keep the interest of the older ones and not be over the heads of the younger ones. At least you're one of the willing ones!
I too would much rather teach adults, but for right now, I'll give whatever help I can to the young ones and hope they come away with something they can draw on for a lifetime. Kudos to you.

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Jan 14, 2009
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My hat is off to you ladies for teaching SS.
I helped for a few weeks, and had to teach twice, and I felt dumber than a sack of rocks. My little church "changed" people in the positions of teachers and supt., and no one knew where things were, they were trying to use up the stuff that was in the storage room that didn't have a thing to do with the lesson plan in the book, and it was hard to try to teach something I didn't have a clue about until the SS supt. told me what pages to use . . .was glad when the three kids, my DS included, moved up to the next class and we didn't have any that age anymore and I got to go back to MY SS class and teacher. We have a new SS supt., and I hope she will get everything back on track. The older members don't want to spend money on new lessons, and if you are going to get kids to come to church, you have to offer them something good to come too. My SS teacher said the other Sunday that you can't go minister to another country that has no running water, food, medicine, or shelter and preach Jesus. You have to show them how to build shelter, get water, cook good food and how to take medicine and other medical issues, and THEN you tell them about Jesus. No one listens on an empty tummy. Sorry, got off track!!!

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