My sweet Lily is actually a Lionel...


Apr 24, 2015
@veggiebe - We're so happy to have you! :welcome

It's so awesome you've adopted in some chickens! Also, congrats on making the move to a more rural lifestyle. I'm going to include some basic links to BYC's sister sites that may appeal to you:
  • BackYard Herds - The folks know herd animals. Cows, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, rabbits, bees you name it. For herd animal help if you expand at any point, check this place out.
  • The Easy Garden - If you want some more info on gardening, this is the go to place. If you need help identifying a plant, suggestions for plants for your area, or information about keeping up with soil, sign up to TEG.
  • Sufficient Self - This site is all about self sufficiency and DIY projects. Recycling, canning, and homestead living are abundant here.
It's so cute that your chickens follow you around considering you raised them. We have a hen just like that- she was the only surviving chick and became attached and I've even clicker trained her to do cool things (pictured below in welcome image)! She's since joined the main flock, but still loves attention.

So glad to have you as I mentioned- you're part of a community of helpful and experienced people who are more than happy to lend advice or a listening ear. Have a great day!


so lucky

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Jan 31, 2011
SE Missouri
Welcome to this very helpful community. You are wondering if you can keep a cockerel among the pullets/hens? Generally, probably yes. It depends on his temperament and how he behaves toward the girls. If the Bantam is the boy, there probably won't be much trouble, since his size will limit him somewhat. You will just have to wait and observe. He could be so "randy" that he bothers the girls too much, and makes life miserable for them. Just be prepared to remove him if he gets to that point. Expect an obnoxious teen age period before he matures.
Enjoy your time on here, and show pics when you can. We love pics!
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