My test shipments!!! Last one's in the mail today...(Cross ur fingers)


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Mar 5, 2008
Okay, well, the last of my test shipments went in the mail today!!!! The others that I sent out arrived PERFECT, but this is the first I've tried in a flat rate box....Everyone keep their fingers crossed!!!! And thanks to all my test shippers!!!


Eggs for sale, $5/doz plus $15/shipping....Extras always included!!!
They're mixes between these birds, in other words a "Mystery Chick Special", and NPIP certified!:


Rhode island red
New hampshire red
Buff orp
black australorp
Salmon favorolle
Silver phoenix
White leghorns
white rocks

Buff Orp
Barred Rock
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Hi, I think you're pricing too low. I've seen Ameraucana eggs go for usually $12 - 25 including shipping - remember, you'll be wrapping those babies so consider your time!

Good luck - I haven't ventured on that road yet, but I plan to soon!
They're not purebred, though, that's the problem....and I don't know for sure that my Ameraucana is laying, I haven't gotten any colored eggs yet, so I don't know. I would send eggs from, say, the leghorns, and they could be mixed with any of the four roos. Or if I send eggs from the BO's, they could be mixed with any of the four roos. They're all mystery chicks, a guaranteed mix of any of those breeds LOL....since they're mutt eggs, I don't want to sell them for too much, but then again I don't want to lose money. I sell them for eating for about $2-$3/doz, so I figured $5 or so a dozen for hatching. I don't know!!!

And I'm talking $5 or so profit, not including shipping...flat rate boxes, the medium ones, are about $10 for with the eggs it would be $ that too much for mutts??
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That is a fare price for mixed eggs and the shipping. The post office has a box that is a priority box that is close to the flat rate box size and it usually saves me 2$ going that route. I took one in and they said 10.95 I didn't notice it was a flat rate box asked him just tell me what it would have been if it were in the priority box and it was $8.50 it is up to you..
Ship a test box or two to someone willing to pay shipping. I have sent 3 and so far so good.

Then, you could always start off with an auction to see what price people are willing to pay. Start off at $5 plus shipping and see how interested people are.
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I think you are pricing in the right ball park and personally I like the mix of birds you have. Let me know when you are interested in starting I just got my incubator empty
I just started selling eggs. I did a couple "freebie" shipments to test my packing ability. Last week I sold 12+ (totaled 16) for $18 to a lady who picked them up. These were Silkie and possibly Silkie mixes. She was pleased with the price and so was I.
You have to take in to account all of your expenses: Housing, feed, bubble wrap, time, gas to go to the PO and anything else you think might be relevant. Don't short change yourself.
Also you might want to use the priority boxes instead of the flat rate ones. They are a bit cheaper. Shipping a 7x7x6 priority box runs about $5 to send 6+ (usually about 8) eggs. the next size bigger is 12x12x8 and I think it was just under $10 to ship 12+ (usually about 14-16) eggs. This will vary due to zip codes.
You can get priority and flat rate boxes, labels, & tags sent FOR FREE right to your door.
Here's the web addy:

Here is a zip code related shipping calculator:

Happy shipping

ETA: including pictures of your flock seems to help. I know I always enjoy looking at the stock before I buy eggs.
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I have never sold eggs before but I have sold other things online and I get all my boxes for free from USPS and I take them apart in the one place where they are put together and reverse them (all cardboard outside). This will only save you money if you are shipping lightweight items (usually under 3 lbs.) Just figured I'd share that with you guys.

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