My Turkeys are "Doing it" Woot

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by rlshepard, Jan 28, 2015.

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    So it's been a while coming, I picked up a couple of Narragansett turkeys in the spring of 13 cuz they guy I was buying chicks from had them and wanted to sell them lol , I was hoping to have breeding pair,,, (rolled the dice) turns out they were both Tom's... so I was in Orscheln's in spring of 14 and they had two Royal Palm's left they didn't know if they were hens or not and the girl at the was putting the hard sell on me, I mean she twisted my are and everything... but I got them both.... rolled the dice again.... one was taken by a fox (I think) a couple of months ago.... Any way the point is I she and the Thanks are getting along well.. (the Toms are named Thanks and Giving)

    So now I need to know, are Royal Palms decent mothers? what do I need to do to make her a nest to lay in? What do I need to know? Chickens are easy....
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    Congrats on your Royal Palm being a "she", ad well as her and Thanks' [​IMG]
    Just provider her with a nest box big enough to accommodate her without being too big (one made from scrap wood will do just fine), and filled with nice clean straw and placed on the floor or a low shelf in the corner of the coop. She will do everything else. But you need to get the box in ASAP, otherwise she resort to scouting the property out for one on her own and it will be harder to get her to use the box once she starts laying somewhere else.

    IMHO, heritage breed turkeys are just as easy to raise as chickens. At least the Narragansetts are anyway...that's the only breed I have personal experience with. A friend of mine raises Royal Palms and she says her Royal Palms are just as easy and her turkey hens hatch out and raise nice clutches every spring with no problem. And since you've got both, I don't expect you will have any problems whatsoever. [​IMG]
    Best of luck, and keep us posted!

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