MY VERY FIRST PIP - SIXTH Chick Is Out - Frizzles R Us !!!


15 Years
Mar 19, 2008
Scenic Jackson New Jersey
Day 21 almost to the minute.

I had put our Brinsea 20 ECO on lockdown on Saturday. I laid a strip of washcloth from the end of one water basin to the other and filled the basins. Humidity has been about 60-63% WITH the vent open completely so they get air (and not drown). Well today it is raining and the humidity in the house is 85%... I got myself all setup with camera, purified water and went to refill the basins when I saw THIS....

My first pip... All the eggs were marked so I think this is a barred bantam cochin frizzle.... Oh My !!!

HATCH PARTY !!!!!!!!

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CONGRATS! Oh, it's SO exciting! Now...time to sit on your hands....GOOD LUCK and make sure to post pics!!

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