My vet said my hen is a little skinny


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Oct 7, 2011
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My Coop
Any ideas to fatten her up a little?

She gets layer feed with oyster shell, scratch with BOSS, and a daily treat when I go out to clean. I don't see her eat much of the feed. Maybe she doesn't like it?
She's been all puffed up lately because of the cold weather and has been feeling a bit under the weather, but received a clean bill of health from the vet this morning.
Anyway, I'm gonna go out and see if she would like some leftover pot roast.
If the vet says she's healthy and she has access to all that food then I don't think you'll be having any problems. Just like humans, some chickens are naturally skinny, some are a bit heavier.
If you have extra eggs, maybe try some scrambled eggs. When my chickies feel under the weather, that's what I do. Like ChickieBooBoo said, some are skinnier than others
Some people make sure they get their fill of the complete ration before providing scratch like late afternoon.

You could also add some grower(higher protein) to the layer. Or just use BOSS as scratch for a while.
Really? Scrambled eggs will help them get over being sick?
She's digging the pot roast right now. Looks like she got her appetite back. I mixed in some cooked macaroni and veggies with it, but she's picking out the meat first.
I did not try this but a friend of mine has chickens and was in the same situation and he ask around and someone told him to give them white bread so that may be a thought like I said I have not had to try it but he said it worked ... so just passing it on someone else may no more about that.... but if the vet said clean bill of health I would not worry about it

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