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Jan 10, 2018
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I bought some guinea hatching eggs and when I was putting the eggs in the incubator I noticed that one of the eggs, while the same color as the guinea eggs, was most definitely a different shape. 18 days later the most adorable tiny chick hatched out, and due to her size, we named her Micro Minnie. I’m curious if anyone has any idea what variety/variety mix of bantam she may be. She hatched on June 14, and she already has a big girl voice when she vocalizes. I simply adore this little one.
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The bird is over 11 weeks old, has a single comb with virtually no development and absolutely no red color to it. I really want it to be a girl, so maybe if I keep hoping and calling it a “her”..... lol. I’ve had lots of silkie crossed with Ameraucana chicks, and the males have always made themselves obvious by 8 weeks of age. It has been my experience that the silkie crosses always have black skin and 5 toes in my flock. Maybe silkie traits are inherited differently in other crosses. I just have no experience to draw on for the cross that my mystery bantam is, so I’m glad to have input from those who have experience with more varieties than I do. :)
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OP, how many toes does it have? And what color was the egg it hatched out of?
If he bought it with guinea eggs and it looked similar enough to be mixed in without notice, then we can infer that the egg this chicken hatched from was a light brown.

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