Mystery Chicken...What is this?


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Nov 15, 2012
I purchased three chicks from our local Farmers County Store about six months ago. Two were supposed to be wyandottes and the third a Maran. Well, We ended up with one Blue Wyandotte, One Silver Cuckoo Maran, and one that is definately not a Maran nor a Wyandotte of any kind. I really don't know what sex it is either. He/She is six months old but not laying eggs nor crowing. He/She just struts around because he/she knows how pretty he/she is and is very friendly. He/She has a small crown, small wobble, thin legs with no hint of spurs...coloring of a hen but long tail feathers like a roo. Here's some

That's totally the problem I'm having too. He/She sort of looks like a mixure of different kinds of chickens. I was first thinking an easter egger...but that doesn't really fit. Then a sumantra mix...but the coloring is all wrong...I'll have to check into the longhorn mixes and see if that fits anywhere....
Thanks for the help...I need it!
Well... I'm just a beginner,
but that is most likely not a pure bred chicken. It could be part Serama because of the long tail feathers. And possibly part Brahma, but only because of the coloring on the neck and they are supposed to be really slow to mature. If its a pullet, then it's probably part Brahma. If its a roo, you've got a very quiet, handsome one with a weird comb. This is mostly guess work though, so good luck with your mystery chicken. Hopefully this helps.
I think you might be right, I think it might be a Phoenix and a puleet Phoenix. I think we may have found a match! I keep a close watch and keep ya'll posted. If you have anymore idea's I am all ears! You are all wonderful! Thank you.

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