Mystery Flock! 2 from TSC, 4 from Amazon!


May 22, 2020
Midwest, America
Alright forum, let's see what I've got! I've been doing a little research, but want to know if my guesses are correct.

I'll post a name, age in the pic, and 3 good pics. The two pullets from TSC look exactly the same, so I'll only post one set of pics for them.

Ruth & Sandra, 16 weeks
IMG_3850.jpg IMG_3851.jpg IMG_3856.jpg IMG_3641.jpg

Kagan, 5.5 weeks
IMG_3804.jpg IMG_3809.jpg IMG_3745.jpg IMG_3833.jpg

Sonia, 5.5 weeks
IMG_3814.jpg IMG_3818.jpg IMG_3839.jpg

Hillary, 5.5 weeks
IMG_3845.jpg IMG_3846.jpg IMG_3844.jpg

Michelle, 5.5 weeks
IMG_3812.jpg IMG_3810.jpg IMG_3813.jpg

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