Mystery! Why isn't Leia laying?


6 Years
May 2, 2014
I have two Easter Eggers that started laying about 1 month and a half ago. They are buddies and like to be together. One of them became injured about a week ago and hasn't been laying, which I would expect. What I didn't expect is that the other EE stopped laying too. She hasn't laid one egg since her friend stopped. She is healthy. She's eating and drinking and otherwise acting normally. I know this seems strange but I can see no other reason for her to stop laying. Has anybody else seen this?
I'm missing my pretty blue/green eggs.
Still no eggs from Leia. It's been almost 2 weeks.
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Have you separated the two hens? It could be that her friend's injury is stressing Leia and this put her off laying. I know it sounds far fetched, but chickens can be surprisingly perceptive and get stressed over seemingly small things sometimes. She might also be laying her eggs somewhere you are not finding them. Have you searched their run/area where they roam during the day?
They were separated for a couple hours during the day each day but they are back together now. Hopefully, they will both start up again soon.

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