Nacho Libre VS ball VS emu

Funny! Does your Sebright play with the ball like that a lot? Tell me about your emus :)
Thank you! Yes both of my sebright roos try to "play", maybe even attack the ball when it's in their sights! Its hilarious to watch, and the emus get excited so they start chasing the roosters!

My emus are still babies, about 7 months old now and just now starting to lose their stripes. We got them as babies delivered to Arkansas from our home state in Texas. They are from 2 different blood lines and we paid extra to have them sexed. My female is Luna and my male is Neville.
Neville is a lot more of a baby and likes to be held and pet while Luna is a little more standoffish! They are both super sweet though and I am so thankful we chose to get them!
They are such fun creatures, and definitely not what I expected them to be. They are very playful and like to run around the fenced in area a few times a day as well as dip in one of our small ponds.
They are something special for sure! ā¤
Emus are interesting to me. I'll most likely never have a place big enough to keep them, but I enjoy reading about other member's emus.

Thanks for sharing them!

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