Name Your Flock! What do you call your ladies


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Apr 27, 2012
My nieces dubbed our The Triplets since we only have three right now. I call them either that or the girls. They have individual names:

-Original Recipe (Ori (Oar-ree) for short)
-Spicy Chicken (Spicy)
-Barbeque (Que)


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Mar 23, 2012
NE Ohio
Mine all have their own names as well. But as a group I call them "The Girls" I know very original. I am also known to call them "Boogers".

Individual names are.....

The Silkies

Sally ( I allowed my mom to name her. I have no idea why she landed on Sally lol)
Rainbow (that's my doing, my attempt at being ironic since she is white)
Tundra (not too creative since she is also white lol)

The Red Sex Links

Squeaker (She was always the chattiest chick out of the bunch. And I found it really funny when the peeps turned into dog toy like squeaks, so she just came about the name naturally. Though I know it will seem like a silly name when she starts to cluck)

Ruby (at first I was calling her "Fuzzy Head" because she was the last to lose her baby feathers off her head/neck. Ruby fits her well though because she is almost solid red :) )

Blondie ( She is the lightest of the three and I love Blondie (the musician/singer). It fits her personality well too lol)
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May 8, 2012
West Haven, CT
The Ladies of Bawkington Manor, shortened to The Girls. The 2 Buff Orpingtons are Stav (Autumn) and Aviv (Spring), the 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte is Elvira.


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Jan 30, 2011
Western montana
Mine all have there own names, I call them by there names.
When I want them to come to me as group I call in a high pitched voice " where's my girls, where"s my girls, they come like a pack of wild dogs lol. To go into the pen if I have to leave, I shake a pill bottle and they run to the pen. Smart girls my birds!


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Sep 19, 2011
Only my geese have names.... Bonnie and Clyde.... My mom calls them her Gran-geese! I'm not sure if that's a hint or not lol


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Aug 7, 2010
Des Moines
My first group of chicks were all Buff Orpingtons, and all of them pretty much looked the same. Their names are Goldie, Goldie, Goldie, and Boss Lady. My new group is 5 Silver-laced Wyandottes and one possible Barred Rock which is also possibly a rooster, and therefore possibly a chicken stew in the future. They don't have names yet.

Collectively, they're known as "The Ladies".


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Apr 20, 2011
Richardson, Texas
As a group.. mine are "The Demons" or "Winged Vermin".. mainly because of the way they'll storm the coop door when I open it :p (Normally accompanied by me gently pushing them back with a foot, "Back! Back you demons! Back, I say!")

But each of my 10 hens has a name and I can tell them apart..

Arucana - Ariel (tall, slender frame, pea comb, and dark golden colored)

Wyandottes - Kerowyn (a bantam columbian)
Tabitha (a silver laced with "too much" black and a skinnier frame)
Anabelle (a silver laced with a plump frame and even ratio of black to white)

Australorps - Morticia (full comb on her head with a round end)
Wednesday (The end of her comb was notched.. suspect as being damaged by one of the other hens at some point)

Polish - Mikaela (white crested black.. she's the only polish)

Bantam Frizzled Cochin - Ms. Frizzle (black and white little puff ball of a bird.. can't be confused for any of the others)

Silkie - Stormy (renamed from Smokey after a near death experience as a chick. I believe her color is called "blue")

D'ulcce/Cochin cross - Polly (smallest of the lot, light brown in colored.. LOUDEST of the flock. Loves to sit on the highest perch in the yard and announce her presence. But she does lay, so she is a hen.)


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May 8, 2012
Red Bluff, Ca
I brought home my first rooster yesterday, before his arrival I just called them "The Girls" or "The Chickies". Each has their own name: Hecubah, Effie, Tallulah and Boudicca and they all have their little pet names too. The rooster is Beyonce but looking for a nickname for him, and his girlfriend who is also a blue laced wyandotte bantam is Blue Ivy (also needs a nickname). Effie and Tallulah are both Black Australorps, I call them "The Twins" or "The Vulturettes" because they look like little vultures. Now that there is a rooster among us I'll have to come up with another "band name".
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