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Jan 23, 2008
any suggestions ?i want to start one in a year or two
Our farm is called "Greyfields". Here is our story.

My mother comes from Herefordshire, England and my wife from North Yorkshire. Since getting married, I've had the chance to connect and meet much of my extended family on that side of the pond. I found a lot of them to be into agriculture, either as farmers, engineers or Smallholders.

We visited my mother's cousin's dairy farm in Herefordshire. They milk over 300 cows, which by English standards is a large dairy operation. It was really our first exposure to farming and we quickly realized there was room for compasion and decent living standard in agriculture. This varied greatly from growing up in a rural area here in the US, where people only bragged about how poorly they could treat animals and still manage to find a buyer at auction for their muddy, miserable animals. Poverty and farming were synonyms to me.

So, this dairy is called Woofields, which dates back to Anglo-Saxon for "Wolf Fields" or "Fields where the wolves are". We loved the name, but didn't want to copy it exactly. We searched for inspiration for weeks if not months.

My wife and I are also into finding good homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We've had many over the years and it's a cause very dear to our hearts. I'd never had a dog and generally do not like dogs, except for Greyhounds. We were daydreaming one day driving around in the truck and I said something like "Can't you just imagine our Greyhounds running around the pasture and finally getting all this room to run?" (compared with our condo in Seattle).

Then it just hit us both at the same time, "Greyfields", or "Fields where the Greyhounds are". And here we are today.

So, let's hope you find the inspiration like we did.
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Our place is called Heavens Door Acres.
One evening I was watching the news, and was horrified watching a story about some horses, cows,ducks and chickens, left to die in horrible conditions. I know these stories are the norm any more, but I told my DH....we need to buy a place, for those poor heavens door.
So, we went house hunting a few years later....and found this one, in the country. Only 5 acres...but big enough for us. There is a church across the road on the north corner of our property....on the back side of the woods, the East side, there is another small church...and the pastor lives on the S side of our property, by the pond. My DH said jokeingly....this little farm sits in a halo...I Heavens Door? We bought it, and its now... Heavens Door Acres.

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