Naming my chickens


8 Years
Aug 20, 2011
So I rescued 20 chickens last week and I'm so excited to finally be naming them! But my DH thinks I'm silly and the kids are too young so that only leaves you guys to share my excitement! This is my first ever chicken experience so I'm not certain on my breeds so if you are please let me know. I think I have RIR's, Leghorns, EE's, and 2 mixed breeds (what are those called?) I can't tell my RIR's apaprt except for one and cant tell any of my Leghorns apart so they have no names


This is Miss America in the front, she's the only RIR I can tell from the others b/c of her beautiful big comb so she got Miss America for being a beauty queen and having that lovely crown! The one behind her is Miss Kitty b/c the most scared, scaredy cat = Miss Kitty


This is my favorite girl, she's the most tame and her name is Lucy, just thought it was a cute name.


The Leghorn has no name, the other one (is she an EE?) is named Ricky, she/he mounts Lucy all the time and is quite taller than the other girls but does not crow so he's either a Roo or a hen with dominant behaviors and acting like a dude, in either case Ricky was Lucy's DH on I Love Lucy (TV Show) and Ricky is an acceptable girl name too if she's a hen


Again the whites don't have names, well they kind of do, they are my 4 yo's favorites which he calls either Wildfire or Striker, and the gray one is either Chicken or Hawkeye, I can't tell from this pic as they look alike except one is lighter and has a thinner face while the other has "puffy cheeks"


This is Ethel b/c her and Lucy look alike and Ethel was Lucy's BF on I Love Lucy (TV Show again)


And these are my K9 babies, Jake the yellow lab and Briseis the Cane Corso
Oh yeah and Chicken and Hawkeye were named by hubby, those 3 are DH's favorite, and he "creatively" named one Chicken and then said the other one looked like a hawk, Hawkeye
So did you name them all? I like old fashioned names for animals: Alice, Betty, Donna, Mavis, Harriet, Beatrice, Beulah, Maurine, Nadine, Claudette, Sylvia, Rose.

Can't think of any roo names at the moment. Glad you rescued those chickens. Have fun!
No I have about 6 each of RIR's and Leghorns and I haven't figured out how to tell them apart yet. Any tips? One RIR, Miss America, I was able to name b/c she has the biggest comb but the others all look the same to me.
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