I have named a few that were really precious to me....other than that..I go by band numbers, when you raise a lot of gets too hectic to try and name them all and easier to track them by band number. At one time I had over 700 birds...and that was just pigeons, not to mention the other birds we raised at the time and other stock we had that wasn't of the avian variety. LOL

But occaisinally I do find a name in one of them. ALthough I try not to get too attached to them because those are usually the ones that the hawks eat first.

Aquatic Wilds
Night Wolf Lofts
Oh wow, thats alot of pigeons!

Ive already decided that Im only going to name my breeders, otherwise like you said, the named/attached pigeons are the first ones the hawks get.
I only have 4 homers... (That I know of, they had eggs 20 days a go but I cant get back to where they nested) They are named one, two, three, and four.
Generally I go by band number, but some have earned names: Mr Bluebar, Big Red, The Cellar Pigeon, Kamikaze. All Birmingham rollers and all exceptional performers. There was a story to each of them.
Well they are in an old shed that we had built 2 brooders in and I havent used it for a while so I just took the door off of one brooder and the top off of th other, They built their nest inside of the one with just the door gone, I had stuck a camera in the first time to see why the wouldnt come out and could *barely* see 2 egs next to the female (the door is to small for me to fit in and she laid them in a place I cant see very well hhaha) I should have had my dad cut the door larger when I turned it into a loft. Strange right?

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