Natural Hatch with a Clueless Swirly


Jan 26, 2019
Hi everyone! It's been a very long while since I've posted here. Allow me to give a quick rundown of what's going on:

  • Swirly is my 1yr Silkie Hen who has survived Severe Wryneck, though still suffers from it; it is under control via vitamins
  • Long story short, my neighbor with chickens kicked Swirly out of the flock; she used to stay in a closed run until a disease claimed nearly 10 chickens and hawks are a problem
  • I adopted a Silkie Roo, Luppi, who has been great with Swirly
  • We now have fertile eggs that usually find themselves in the fridge
Recently, she's become broody to the point she stresses herself out and will do nothing but spin in circles until I let her to her chosen nest, which is a cheap beach dress behind my bedroom door. It's what she chose and nothing else is accepted, not even the coop's nest box. I contacted my vet via TeleTails, and she said the best thing I can do is give her Chamomile abd/or Evening Primrose to help calm her down. Chamomile oil is easier to find at my local Vitamin Shoppe, so I'll go with that.

My mom, however, is opposed to having any more chickens (understandable with our situation), because I won't let her get another horse (I'm 30 now, my body's slowly quitting, I'd like to hold a job). But after seeing Swirly stress herself out, she asked if sitting on an egg will help. Swirly has no idea what an egg is. She win't sit on them like other chickens. Which brings us here.

I'm trying to get her to sit on the egg, but with my work opening next week, I know my folks aren't gonna keep up with this. I'd like to know if there is something I can do to get her to sit on the egg outside, or if there's an inexpensive incubator somewhere that I can obtain before I return to work. If I can get an incubator, or know where I can get materials to make one myself, that would be awesome!

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