Nearly 5 month old Australorp hen with hoarse voice

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Sep 21, 2013
Portland, Oregon
I have three pullets around 5 months in a backyard coop (2 Australorps and 1 Dominique), with a large run that is always dry (as it has a roof). Coop is cleaned out regularly. All of the girls are extremely perky, talkative, and growing. I have never noticed ANY signs of sickness with any of them, except for tonight I noticed Scarlett (one of the Australorps) had a hoarse voice-- Midnight, her Australorp sister has recently started sounding like a real hen (bawking away) instead of the chick-pullet chirps, and just yesterday Scarlett started to bawk as well-- do you think her voice is strained or she's coming down with something??
Side note: We have an Ameraucana chick (2-3 weeks) and a Dark Brahma chick (2 weeks) in a brooder in our garage. The Dark Brahma just started to sneeze today (always dry) but seems otherwise perky and well-- drinking, pecking, eating, and playing with other chick. I've treated their water with organic Apple Cider Vinegar. We wash our hands and change our shoes any time we visit the other flock outside... should I be treating the chick with something other than the apple cider vinegar? Thank you!
My Australorp still has a hoarse voice. And tonight I noticed that she is having extremely watery stools. Otherwise, she is eating and has energy. I tried to scope out other forums to try and diagnose her, but I'm not finding the two symptoms coincide.

And since I'm getting absolutely no help from nearly 220,000 members on this website, I will go elsewhere.

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