Neck-breathing in an older Welsummer hen

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  1. All,
    I’ve never seen this before in lots of years with hens. Our Welsummer hen is noticeably breathing using muscles in the neck/?? not sure, but I think it might be that neck air sac expansion and contraction is very obvious. The rest of the flock is fine/ not showing any similar signs.

    In general I think this hen looks a bit puffed up, and her eyes seem almost half-closed. She is the last survivor of 5 same aged pullets we purchased about 6 years ago. She has not laid for a very long time.

    She does not appear to be suffering, struggling to breathe, etc. No odd sounds, no discharge, no sneezing or wheezing. Yet I am quietly thinking she may be near the end.

    She has been under some stress- we moved a few months ago and just last week replenished our flock -were down to 2 and did not want a lonely lone hen when the next passed (and we were in need of more eggs). This Welsummer was used to a grumpy production-style Buff Orp companion, and we added 4 very gentle bantams (2 pekins and 2 rocks) and 3 fairly docile very large young pullets (a white Rock and two English style Buff Orps). Pecking order discussions seemed resolved very quickly without fuss, with a pretty egalitarian, live and let live vibe. Everyone seems to be eating and drinking without conflict. Still, I am sure our Welsummer is intimidated by her huge new coop-mates.

    Thoughts? The half-closed eyes, for increasing amounts of time, were a sign of nearing the end for our previous older hens. The expanding neck has me especially flummoxed.
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    If she were mine I’d check her crop. You sound like a very experienced chicken keeper. Sometimes the best we can hope for is a well lived life. If it’s her time then spoil her thank her for being a great hen. To not have issues for all these years your doing something right.
    Best wishes
  4. Thank you. I’ll check- looked okay, but it’s possible.
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    Is there any way that you could get a video and post it to YouTube with a link posted here? It could well be a leaking air sac, or infection in the air sac. I haven’t seen anything like that, but it sounds like a leaking air sac. That can be caused by an injury, or infection. Is this on the back, side, or front of her neck?
  6. Possibly- it’s late here now though. It really looks like respiration- like when humans do chest vs belly breathing, major movement in the neck. Thanks.
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