NECROPSY: Sudden seizure-like death in bird, stood still and puffed up, found asleep in the coop (Warning, graphic!)


Oct 29, 2019
North Texas
My Coop
Our older roo has started to show signs of recovery (he doesn't sit around all day, stays with the flock, he is becoming more alert, and he's doin the dirty so to speak). So while I have no way of properly confirming this, I believe that we have found part of the cause of death for the younger roo we lost a week or two ago.

I still believe that he had a heart attack, or some other form of sudden organ failure (or something like a seizure), however I believe that what ever did him in was brought out by a case of fatty liver. With his liver being the way that it was, he probably didn't have a lot of time to make sure everything else was working properly / something eventually gave up. While I can not scientifically confirm this, I feel pretty confident in saying that the feed put him on a declining path, which ended in something inside him giving up.

I believe this because our older roo has nearly recovered as a result of us switching feeds. In fairness, just because of there is a "correlation" doesn't mean that we have a "causation", but I feel pretty strong about this.

For reference, we were feeding our birds either layer feed, or medicated start and grow, with some general scraps on the side. Now, we have completely switched everyone to All Flock (except our two chicks), and we are providing amble amounts of eggs shells and oyster shells on the side.

While I haven't seen anyone eat either of the provided shells, our hens are both molting, and what we think are our two younger pullets haven't started laying. I have seen everyone eat eggs shells before, so I know that if / when they need it they will go for it.

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped with trying to figure out what happened. While I don't have a definitive answer, I am like 95% sure. If you know of anyone who has had (or is having) something similar happen to their bird, please do share this thread with them; while it may not provide answers, on the off chance that this traumatic ordeal helps save more birds then there isn't a reason not too.

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