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May 31, 2008
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Im on meltdown right now. Tears that Ive fought back for 3 months are finally falling. Long story short, DD, 21 found out she was pg, about 2 months after she broke up with fiance. It is rebound boy's. So they get married. She is now 3 months along, and doing fine. Got a tiny app. but managing for now. We just got around to telling my DH. He's not happy but oh well, they have a rocky relationship. My parents are having them a little reception for family since they basically eloped. I am so very stressed and over loaded. I left work early to go with DD to a meeting with the caterer. DH had a hissy. Said I needed to finish. I left anyway. DD wants me to go with her to pick out invitations tomorrow. She can only go in the late afternoon. If I go, I miss DSs cross country meet that I was gonna go to. He doesnt have anymore local enough to attend. How do I choose which child? I also will have to leave work early again. I want to crawl back in bed. This whole thing, the baby, wedding, everything about it has me so bummed.
cyber hug comming to you.

Take a deep breath, and remember, you can't please everybody! I do have a suggestion that might help though: Have your mom go with your daughter to pick out the invitations, since she's throwing the reception anyhow. Then you won't have to miss work (and make DH mad), and you can still go to the track meet.

Hey, there are a million families going through the same things, or similar things, so don't feel alone......I could tell you stories that would make this current problem seem like a piece of cake!

Hang in there Sweetie!

Here is a big
Take time and breath honey. As far as your son I would tell your daughter that you have to go to his meet and that you will go the next day or so for the invites. Also having a new grandbaby is wonderful and stressful. I made a mistake that I so wish I could take back everyday. My oldest went through a rebellious period when she turned 18 she got pregnant at 19 I knew she wasnt ready but I said some things I shouldnt have long story short she lost the baby and now cant have any children. We get along great now, but I feel bad that now we will never have grandchildren with her and she is having a hard time with that too. Hubby will come around. Dads are just different.
Life happens. Invitations can wait for another day. IMO... Don't miss your son's meet. You aren't choosing between the children...just what is more important in the moment. Choosing to look at pretty paper loses to watching your son compete. Take a big deep breath and know that everything is going to be alright.
Honestly Id go to the meet. How many other picking out reception things are you gonna get to do with your daughter?
Plus youll be there for the reception, right?

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