Need advice ASAP about fertile egg that hasn't hatched!


Dec 8, 2015
My bronze hen has successfully laid on her nest and hatched 8 out of 11 of her eggs. Today is day 28. I assume all the hatching occurred between yesterday (I saw part of a bloody shell next to her nest yesterday, but not baby) and today. She officially got off the nest a couple hours ago and laid elsewhere with the 8 babies. Nearby, but no longer on the nest.
I took the 3 remaining eggs inside and candled (something I'm not very familiar with). Two were definitely duds - I cracked them and confirmed that. But the third clearly had veins and a dark, chick-shape. However, there was no movement at all that I could see. Am I supposed to see movement or fluttering of some kind if it's good? I threw it in an incubator that I have quail eggs in right now.
So, my question is, how long do I wait before I try to crack the egg and help the baby out (if it's alive or if you're even supposed to do that..), or how long do I give it in the incubator before tossing it?
Please advise! This is my first batch of turkey poults.
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Feb 15, 2015
Awww congratulations!! 8 out of 11 is a really really good hatch, she should be so proud of herself! I'd leave the egg in the incubator until tomorrow and if it hasn't hatched by then well...eight is enough :) :) I say just give the egg that long at most because if doesn't hatch by then it's a - getting pretty old and b - if over a day older than her other poults I think you'll have a hard time sneaking him/her back in to her. I'm not sure about seeing movement or flutters but I have heard peeping.

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