Need Advice ... Getting New Chickens!


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I kept hitting the Play button but nothing happened.
Been there done that.

Yeah I tried to do a video it didn’t work so I took screen shots of the video sorry I should have edited the photos first
Vids need to be uploaded to youtube or similar platform then linked here.


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But what are poultry show birds tested for? That’s different than NPIP right? In TX that’s just PT tested. But then, there’s a lot of exemptions where you font even have to be tested to be in a poultry show because of the shortage.
No, it the same tests in fact usually I see my testing agent at some of the shows as a tester. Since the state comes to my place and test the birds I don't have to have them tested at the shows. I get a card in the mail and just have to show it and they record my NPIP number.

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