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  1. JackieandChicks

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    May 8, 2013
    So, a few weeks ago, a 4-H type breeder posted she was hatching cochin eggs and would be selling the chicks. I went and looked at the adults, they are nice and healthy. I waited and bought two of her chicks, and she also had just taken in at the time a bunch of silver polish chicks from her friend to sell. So I got two of those, too.

    All four were doing fine and we had that heat wave about two weeks ago. All of the chicks were in the house and while I don't have A/C, the temps were in the 80's. One of the polish chicks started to act like it had an upper respiratory issue and died a day or so later, even though I was giving it sugar water, etc. I chalked it up to that it was time for me to lose one as I had successfully raised 14 already.

    I emailed her and got another one; one comment that stood out was that her friend was having large losses due to the heat. She said she had lost some, too. Again, it was a bad heat wave, but it was over and I figured that those that survived after a week were the tough ones. The remaining polish I had was doing well and growing. So I picked up the chick, noticed it was breathing heavy but I thought it was because it was still hot out and it was stressing.

    It died 36 hours later. I emailed her about it, but I know they are on vacation. Now the last chick is acting exactly the same and while it was eating wet mash, it's now in what I recognize as it's last stages.

    Meanwhile the cochins are fine, feisty and eating well.

    My question: I really believe there is something going through her friend's chicks, whether it be a genetic defect or something upper respiratory (does not seem to be Marecks from what I could find). Do I expect either a refund or free chicks in the future? I froze the one that died quickly so she could see I wasn't trying for free chicks, and will do the same with this one. I obviously do not want any more polish from this batch or from her friend this year. I do have some splash cochins on order if they hatch, but she seems to be having a hard time getting fertile eggs this late in the season with all the weird weather fluctuations...from 90's to 60's in two weeks here in Michigan.

    Thanks! The hardest is going to be explaining to my 3 year old grandson where the chicks went.

  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
    South Georgia
    Apparently, large temperature fluctuations are rougher on them than consistently warm or hot weather. I've never lost a bird to heat, and they only have breeze, shade and plehty of water for relief, though it's a good breeze (with fan) and lots of cooler shaded areas. Well, when the bare ground gets hot, we do wet it down, but most of their large yard is green.

    Crested breeds like Polish have their own health problems. Did you know the crest is actaually a skull defect?

    Good luck with your future chicks!
  3. JackieandChicks

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    May 8, 2013
    Thanks..they are plenty warm (still under the light except when it was so hot) and it was nice and cool inside (compared to outside). I had heard that polish were more "sensitive" than the other breeds, and thought I'd take a chance (they are cute!). I'll probably get more, only older chicks. I think little chicks are cute, but I am having much more fun with with my older beer-drinking chicks!

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