Need advice on a grumpy goose. Need something to occupy him during the coming winter (if he can't f


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Sep 26, 2012
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I've read about hanging cabbages and suet feeders for chickens so they won't peck at each other...but what about for geese? Is it necessary? I have a single goose that's in with my chickens and a couple of ducks. They usually do well together. However, when he gets bored, he gets crotchety and picks on the chickens and ducks. Any ideas?


I occasionally have to keep my together for one reason or another. The most important thing you can do is to provide safe space for the chickens- like high perches, and maybe a crate with a smaller door that the ducks can get into, but not the goose.

Geese can and will kill chickens if the spirit moves them.
Good advise from HappyMtn.
Also while geese should be closed in at night for protection they don't like to be in small areas
and will be more inclined to go after your chickens when cooped up with them.
I always keep chicken separate from waterfowl.
I highly recommend you get another goose so it can have a companion.
All animals like to be with their own kind.
Thanks Rose,

We're working on it. I had a couple of questions...our gander is 2yrs old (or there abouts)...what is a good aged goose to get? Also, what's a good time of year to introduce a new one? We're on the verge of getting hit with winter. Could we do it now (if I find a girl) or should I wait till spring? How long would I quarantine a new bird, btw?

Now would be a good time to introduce a new goose. Hormones aren't very high yet, and I have had an easy time with introductions here lately. You could get any age from spring 2012 hatch and up.
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