Need Advice on Feeding Problem Please


8 Years
Jul 3, 2011

My chickens are about 10 weeks old and they've been out in the coop for about a month. I have a feeder that looks like this that I hang in their run:

The problem is that the little darlings throw their food all over the floor of their run. Not only does it make a mess and waste a TON of expensive organic chick food but we have so much humidity here that it gets rotten and moldy and hard as a rock and I can't even shovel it up.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Is there a different type of feeder I should get? Or anything. Please.

Raising your feeder to the birds shoulder height will stop them from scratching it out. They still flick with beaks but if you use pellets that cuts the flinging about too. When going to layer feed is when we start them on pellets. Come winter you'll be thankful of less waste when it's their sole food.
The feeder should be at shoulder height . If the chicks are large enough to eat pellets you might try that. In my experience, there is less waste with pellets. Another tactic you can try is to withhold food for one feeding. They may not be hungry enough to really care about the food.
Thanks! The feeder is at shoulder height now and all the flinging is from their beaks. How do I know if they're big enough to start on pellets? I thought they had to be about 18 weeks to go off the chick starter?

Thanks again!
Do they look big enough to swallow a pellet? Most feed comes in pellet form as well as crumbles. I would also start giving them grit. It is amazing what chickens can swallow!! I am a great advocate of lots of grit!!
Yes the food shovelers drive me nuts.

Try to not put so much feed at a time.Also use your hand to break up the feed in the bottom of the feeder and let it mix with the fresh food. Put something under the feeder to catch what falls out when you do this and pour it back in.

Access to moldy food is very bad for animals. rebel
Place a little piece of chicken wire fencing over your feeder mouth and fasten it down well....they can then reach in for feed but not shovel or flick it out. Depending on how many chicks you have, you might have too many for the size of the feeder and they will displace feed also by shoving each other away and trying to climb into the feed to jostle for position. Raising the feeder is also good advice.

As your birds age, you will want a different type of feeder for them.
I use the same feeder. I really don't like it. They are known for wasting food. Your best bet would be to change to pellets if they will eat it. I'm did not and I tried even using sneaky tactics, nothing worked, or change the tupe of feeder you use. Get one with small holes that they can only get their beaks in and can't flick the food out.
Thanks for all the suggestions! What different type of feeder would you suggest? I think they are old enough to swallow pellets but I thought the grown-up food was bad for them when they are young. Confused.

I like the chicken wire idea! I am obsessed with getting the food on the floor out of there because I don't want them eating anything bad for them. They free range all day so they get plenty of grit.

Thanks again.
I've had the most success with feeding chicks by making my own feeder. I just took a large pretzel container like the ones you can buy at Cosco or Sams Club, screwed an old tin pie pan to the bottom, cut two 50 cent piece sized circles near the base of the container~on opposite sides from each other~and drilled some holes right under the threads for a piece of clothes hanger. Then I hang this continuous feeder in the brooder shed at about shoulder height the chicks and just raise it as they grow. They can't get into the feeder tray, it's too heavy for them to bump against and dislodge feed out of the tray, they cannot fly up onto it and roost, it is easy to fill, is see-through so you can see if the feed needs replenished and it holds plenty.

Also easy to move, keep clean, doesn't cost anything to make if you already have similar containers and it is even appropriate for older birds if you have a smaller flock.

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