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    Dec 4, 2007
    hey ya'll.

    i've been to two local feed stores in the last two days looking for wormer. at the first place they said the people who "knew about chickens" weren't working!!!!
    at the second store they told us they didn't have wormer for chickens!!! (they'll sell you food, grit, laying boxes, even CHICKS but no wormer . . . go figure right?)


    so now i am going to order something over the internet but i need some advice.

    i have some silkies, a sicilian buttercup, two modern game bantams and a couple of serama hens.

    what brands, forms, of wormer would ya'll recommend i order?

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    Probably the reason they told you they didn't have a wormer for chickens is because there is only one that I know of that's actually approved for use in poultry, Wazine (piperazine), and it only gets roundworms. Most people that worm use off label wormers, i.e., pig and cattle wormers. Big agribusiness doesn't worm their chickens so there is no call for the FDA to get around to approving a wormer for them. Do you know they need worming? Many have never wormed their chickens and they may not need it. I use natural worm preventatives to keep the worm loads down and have only wormed my flock one time in the years I've had chickens, with Eprinex Pour On for cattle because there is no milk or meat withdrawal, so it's probably the least problem for egglaying hens.

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