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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by enggass, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Mar 8, 2010
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    2 part question:
    I have just noticed that me 'runt of the litter' hen has cloudy pupils...
    I have 6 birds. They are all (3 RIR and 3 BR) 23 weeks... she (BR) is just less developed - Comb & Wattle appearance - than the others. She is pecked by some of the others, and very intimidated by some of them. I have seen her get pecked very close to the eye if not in the eye. Both of her eyes have a small cloudy circle in the center. What would be causing this - the small cloudy circles?
    Her poops are fine. She eats when I bring them treats and when I put her by the food.
    I'm ruling out Marek's Disease.
    1. She was vaccinated
    2. It is not her Iris that is gray, but a small cloudy circle right in the center of her eyes.
    3. She is showing no other signs of Marek's that I have read about.
    I am thinking either conjunctivitis or scaring of the inner eyelid due to pecking.

    Second question:
    For now, I have separated her from the rest and last night brought her indoors to my basement in my large 3'x4' brooder. It appears she may have some vision trouble, but I am no vet. Would she be happier out with the flock or should I keep her inside for a few days and monitor? Anything I can do for the eyes? (ok, 3 questions)

    Thansk. Would love to hear from someone else who has seen symptoms like this.
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    I'm not good on diseases but you might want to repost this in the disease/injury section. It'll get you a faster response. Good luck.

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