Need advise! Polish Frizzle Can't Climb Ramp to Coop!


8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
Need some advise. We have a 1 year old Polish Frizzle Hen who cannot go up the ramp into the coop. The coop is elevated about 1.5 - 2 feet off the ground and has a ramp about 8 inches wide with treads every 4 inches or so. We have tried putting her on the ramp halfway up, etc. but nothing seems to work. She just jumps on a raised board on the ground and roosts there. In the summer we let her stay outside as she is covered overhead but in the winter we have to go out and put her in the coop every night. It is a huge pain and I am afraid we will forget and she could freeze. She is in the coop with one other hen (Polish) who does go in the coop each night.

Help! Any ideas?
Does she not go up because she can't see, or for some other reason? If it's because she can't see, personally I'd just trim her feathers a bit.

ETA: is the coop wired? Maybe try having a lamp (even small LED, battery operated puck thing) on so there is light inside as it gets dark outside.
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