Need answers about pregnant "stray" cat !!

Megan Amber

6 Years
Mar 13, 2013
Hi all, last week I befriended a little black cat that's been sneaking around our yard for quite some time now, she was bone thin, ( minus a rounded stomach but I didn't think anything of it until day two) very very friendly and constantly meows and meows and meows, one of those talking cats. I at first thought she was nursing a litter of kittens, as her nipples are large and pink, but upon consulting my mom the next day we began to wonder if she was actually pregnant, after having eaten the day before her belly was even larger, I decided to feel around it a little bit and yep, sure enough I could hear and feel popping sounds and small lumps, me, knowing a lot less about pregnant cats last week than I do this week was afraid to hurt her so I stopped feeling and still doubted it was kittens, thinking " eh, probably gas, she hasn't eaten a good meal in forever!" That's when the Google search began and we started checking the box for most pregnancy signs.

Anyway, day bu day her stomach is getting HUGE, around Wednesday I could feel kittens like no ones business! No denying it, she would sit on my lap and I could feel them moving against my leg, it was pretty cool. and then, on Friday night, she was sitting on me, grooming and tadaaa, the milk volcano exploded and she soaked my jeans, the deck anything she sits on. I had read that (a) a lot of cats don't produce milk beforehand and (b) if they do then birth is usually within 48 hours... but here I am, no kittens.

Before my question you need to know her schedule, being a stray we keep her outdoors, she lives on the porch now, we can not bring her in as she HATES dogs, and we already have two cats and we just can't risk it, but rest assured, she was two warm rainproof beds on the deck, a couch to hide under, more food than she's ever had and warm laps that now spend more time outside because of her. ;) So she has moved more and more to our house, spending most of her time here now, but everyday at around noon she goes to the woods a few doors down and sleeps until about 5 or 6 and then comes back, spends all evening, and all night and all morning with us, I think she goes off still out of habit and to get some nice quiet cool sleep. ( It's so hot here and she's a little black cat so you can imagine) I can tell she's sleeping because she comes back all sleepy eyed and adorable. :p

Now, yesterday morning she was very round, and her appetite was still gone, ( it has been for the last couple days, another reason I thought there would be kittens by now) but that afternoon when she came back from her nap her sides look a LOT smaller and her hips look sunken a little bit, underneath though she's very round and very hard, but I can't feel movement in there, hard to feel though now that she's only really showing underneath, and she was SUPER hungry, is this normal? I'm 98% sure she didn't have kittens, her schedule is still the same, she still spent the night with us, she's chilling on the porch right now, her vulva and everything looks the same, she's not dirty at all, her nipples don't look touched, she's just lower, hips sunken in and hungry, this morning however she only ate half her food. What do you guys think is going on?

Sorry for the long post, had a lot to tell there.
We have many farm cats down at the yard where I keep my horse that are often pregnant. From what you have described I would say she has given birth some where. I have a cat down at the yard and the last litter she had describes your stray very well. Very large when I left but the next morning she was thin looking hips showing but was still doing all the same things came to be fed then had nap on hay. I had to spy on her for three days before I found where she had hidden the kittens. Hope this helps and I would try to follow her covertly!!'
I have found they sometimes leave them for couple of hours but then again I'm not down at yard all the time. They go back feed them warm them and then let them sleep. Mother cat will try to be as normal as possible so as not to attract predators to the kittens.
Sure does sound like she's given birth... but... not a complete birth if you can still feel movement. Now don't panic like I did with mine lol. Cats can have what they call a "delayed birth". Meaning she can pop out one or two, stop labor (crazy huh?) & then start back up 24 to even 48 hours later. Even though she has a cozy place, she chose the woods to have them because she probably knows a safer place where she feels more comfortable. It's actually better since you said she doesn't like dogs. As mamas can be VERY protective. If one of my boys hiss at another one & Meow is by one of the dogs she'll attack them. Even though they they had nothing to do with it. Also it is normal for them to "leave" them as she goes to eat. They must be really close by, within ear shot usually. You'll see her run really quick if one meows. Hopefully once they get a little older she'll bring them one by one to show them off to you. She might even meow constantly & try to get you to follow her. :)
I was just about to say I still feel kittens in there so thank you for your reply Quackers mama! Last night on my lap I could feel moving around again and then some this morning, she spent what seemed like all day with us yesterday but maybe she ran off when I wasn't looking, easy enough, lol. I sure hope if she did have them she's taking care of them, haven't heard and kitten sounds yet but I'll keep my ears peeled! ;) Is it possible that she just dropped or do cats not do that?
No, nothing , in fact I've only felt more movement, actually saw some on her side today, and she's stuck around the house almost constantly! So at this point I'm really not sure what's happening, I snapped a pic of her laying down yesterday so you can see her belly. She's not a very big cat.
Aww she looks just like our Meow!
Here's a picture of her 2 days before she gave birth to her first litter:


Pregnant with second litter 6 days before birth:

Second litter picture right after having them all. Notice she's still bloated:


From what you first said, I was for certain she had them. Now from looking at the picture and you still feeling movement I don't think she's gone into labor yet. How long has she's been that size for?
Aw she's beautiful!! How many kittens did she have? Yeah I do see what you mean about her still being swollen, so when she does have them I won't freak!

She's been that big since we found her two weeks ago, she got bigger though after a few days of being fed and then last Sunday all her baby weight dropped to her belly, she's so confusing, lol, and it doesn't help that this is my first cat pregnancy. ;) Today though I've noticed, ( and this kind of gross so warning) that her anus has been swollen and reddish looking on and off, no discharge, she goes to the bathroom fine, maybe pressure from kittens?

Thank's for talking to me, I've posted on a couple different cat sites and haven't really gotten any help or answers. :)

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