Need breed identification help!

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Jul 6, 2020
I bought two of these chicks listed as “Ameraucanas”. I don’t feel like they look like any Ameraucanas I’ve seen online and I know EE are often called as such mistakenly. I got them because I wanted blue eggs 😂 which I’m not holding my breath for any longer.... but would be very happy if they do end up laying blue.

Does anyone know what breed(s) this chicken is and what color eggs I should expect? One of them may have started laying (she’s submissive squatting) and I may be mistaking it for another chicken.
Dark reddish brown/black chicken(s) in photos
. I’m sure of the breeds for my golden comets and SLW.
I don't think they're easter eggers either. Maybe wyandottes x Rhode Island red?
They probably won't lay blue/green eggs so it's a matter of waiting to see what they do
Yes, I don’t think they are EE either now at this point, though I was hoping they were since I’m sure they aren’t ameraucanas. Curious what they are though! The lacing does remind me of a Wyandotte.
I’m getting creamy colored eggs that I was sure came from my SLW but they have taken on a little more of a brown color now the more I’ve gotten. Still very pale brown and much lighter than my golden comet eggs.
Eggs for reference/range of color ive seen (the 3 on the left are from the same chicken) far right is from my golden comet. I initially thought the light eggs came from my silver laced Wyandotte but now I’m not so sure.

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