Need Cheap & Easy Way to Move Tractor.


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Apr 20, 2007
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I've installed lawnmower wheels on my tractor to move it from once place to another. Problem is, this sucker is still too heavy for me to move. Anyone one have pictures of the system they use to move there large/heavy tractors around?


2x4's, Dogloo, wire, tin roof, too heavy.
Do you have a riding lawn mower? If so, maybe you can rig up a tow rope or something????.
I took an old lawn mower handle and mounted it on the end of mine. It makes a world of difference! I can move my A frame this way. You can see it on my page.

Mount a 18" (or however wide your handle is) 2x4 to the end of the coop with screws. Then mount the handle to the edge of the 2x4's with washers and screws.
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