Need coop building advice...


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
My laying henhouse is like a little house - sides like ours, very cute, with an uncovered (net) roof.

I'm starting into breeding and want to keep my breeds - can you all show me designs to hold more than one breed, as well as the attached runs??
Pics would be great!

the only thing I can think of is sort of like a shed-row barn with each "stall" holding a different breed, then the runs out back - does that make sense?

also - winter here stays below freezing for most of the winter - between -15 and 30 at night.

will a raised coop work for this? or will it be too cold? need insulation? I plan to have a light and heated waterer just like in my laying coop.
Thanks for any ideas!
That sounds like the plans I have for a shed conversion. I have a shed which is 450 square feet. I'm going to divide it in half, then one halve into three giving me three pens each with about 51 square feet of coop space. I'll then build a run, divided again by three.

The rest of the 225 square foot space will be a walk way and three broody pens each with about 30 square feet.

I don't have any photos, just a couple of scribbles on the back of an envelope.


I wouldn't worry about the cold too much. We have long cold winters too. I also have a concrete floor in my chicken shed which gets mighty cold in winter. I make sure there is a thick layer of straw in my shed. As long as the shed/coop isn't damp or drafty the birds will be fine with the cold.
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I am also thinking of a breeding shed in that style. I am thinking to get a 14 X 24 foot A-Frame shed and then dividing it like you said. I thought about making 3 pens on each side and a broody area in the very end of the walkway. It would need an area for feed storage and supplies and maybe a brooder area or two. Of course, the longer it is the better, so 14 X 36 would be even better.
I am thinking a pop door for each pen and the runs will have to be divided into secure pens with tops of some kind. I wish someone with a set up like this would share how it works for them and the pros and cons. I will have a wood floor in my shed and it will be on skids. OF course the wiring inside would have to go to the ceiling for sure, and I like a 1x2 fencing for the walls and plywood on the bottom third. I think the cold in your area would not be an issue, as long as it is dry and draft-free. If it is raised up off the ground, you would need to secure fencing on the edges, so no one sneaks underneath into the wrong pen. Now, if we could see how someone put in auto waterers...............
Wow! These are exactly the types of answers I was hoping for!

Chickensaresweet - I have seen that coop a couple times and really like it a lot - BUT do you think long, cold winters can do a raised coop?? (even if I build something similar, but enclosed??

that last one build out of redwood is just plain gorgeous!

I need separate runs for everyone b/c I'm away at work during the day = no time to switch turnout time...
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Thanks for the ideas - my ideal coop is actually somewhere between the two!

Just wanted to know how it would work!!
Easier if I can provide pics, so SO and my father know what we're trying to make!!

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