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Apr 3, 2012
hi i have a polish pullet. she is a couple of months old and i just noticed something. she is very bony and she eats a pretty good amount of feed (not a lot) and her nostrils are filled with fluid and when she sneezes she squirts out a lot of liquid. and she drank a little to much water and as soon as i picked hr up she spit up a lot of water. she had no food in her crop. and the last thing she had been itching her head so i looked and her whole head was infested with mites and their eggs. i just put seven dust on them about 2 weeks ago. i really need help i love her and i cant bear to loose her. and today i put ACV in her water and she has been drinking that and i just dusted her with seven dust. i need to know asap, her eyes still open and she walks around a little but i am keeping her in a cage by herself with her ACV water and a lot of food. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?
You need to clean out the entire coop really really well. Is it red mites? Mites can actually live in wood and bedding. If your coop is infested then dusting the birds does not solve the problem. Dust the birds every 7 to 10 days. The dust only kills the live mites not the eggs. Clean the coop and replace all the bedding and nesting. Mix some DE or poultry dust into the new material and their dust baths.
Oh my gosh your a life saver thank you soo much i went and dusted all the coops and nest boxes and i dusted the birds with seven. and i want to ask you, the polish hen nostrils (her breath stinks ) some people tell me that it is an infection if it smells bad but i dont know i need help. and also the mites are black thanks ChickensRDinos,

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