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Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
my aunts hen is dying, Here is whats going on...She is gasping for breath and making a gerggling sound she wont eat or drink. She cant stand up she is weak and falls over.

She was not like this this morning. and after 4 she was fine too. about 7 i went down to check on her and she was laying on the ground gasping for hair.

Whats happening whats wrong with her? Can i do anything?
if she is making gurgling sounds when she is trying to breathe it sounds like there is fluid in her lungs...
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I called my aunt and told her to give her a eye dropper full of olive oil. She said she gave her a eye droper full of sugar water and that she stopped gasping and making that sound for about 15 mins then started again. She also after giving her the sugar water was like she was trying to puke but nothing came out.

Also she can not stand at all she has her neck streatched out down and is laying on her side with her legs streatched out to the side of her.
Yeah, olive oil and then tell her to massage the crop. It could be sour crop. This wouldn't happen to be a silkie would it? What's the temp there? I have had two hens 2 silkie hens do the same thing you're describing and it was heat exhaustion. Silkies are the easiest to get over heated because of all their fluff. Once heat exhaustion sets in, it's nearly impossible to save them. Sorry...I'm bumping this cause maybe other might have some advice....good luck!
Yes she is a silkie , she is not gasping anymore sinse she gave her the olive oil. its been an hour and now she is tryng to make her normal chicken sounds and she has been sneezing kinda but is still laying down on her side with her legs streatched out to the side. and is still holding her head kinda down.
explain to your aunt that birds do not have an epiglottis... this means that they cannot close off the hole leading to the "lungs" so when giving her any kinds of fluids (or even feed) in such a way that the bird does not take it in itself and swallow on its own, you run the risk of it getting into the airways which is what sounds like what has happened here. This can also happen when the bird has a full crop and you pick it up in such a way that the contents go back up the esophagus and into the beak and then down the "wrong" hole.
ETA: I know of nothing that can be done except to wait and hope the bird recovers.
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She took her to the vet bright and early this morning..

Seems she has a resp infection including that the hen and roo she has been with has been starving her. The vet said she didn't have any muscle tone just bone and she had no food in her crop only gravel. He gave her a shot for the resp infection and told her she would have to feed her by a eye dropper.

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