Need Help. Dog killed 2 of my chickens and one is wounded. (pictures nothing graphic)


Feb 9, 2015
Carthage, Tennessee
So I lost 2 of our chickens due to our dog who has NEVER hurt them decided to play with them today and killed 2 and one is wounded. She is our 10 week old Easter Egger. I immediately carried her inside and checked her wounds. She has small scrapes and one tooth puncture wound and some messed up feathers (that I could see.) Not bleeding out. I immediately poured hydrogen peroxide on her wound then put her in a tub on a towel with food and water. The water has electrolytes mix added. She is in my bathroom next to our brooder of baby chicks. I have been checking on her several times and she was just laying there for the longest but now sometimes she will be standing then next time she is laying there. This last time I walked in she was just standing there in the tub. She has not tried to get out and is not breathing hard or anything. Every time I go in I say *chick chick* (which is what I always say when I feed my chickens) and she sorta chirps back. She has never been this calm. Usually she doesn't act this calm around me (she has never liked being held) but I think she might still be in shock. I just need advice. How long do I keep her inside? When can she go back out with the other chickens? Also should I buy a dog crate to keep her in? I do not want her pooping all over the bathroom? I feel awful. :(

I would think she could go back with the flock if she is eating and drinking and you have cleaned and medicated her wounds. But be careful that the others won't peck her if her wounds are exposed. Also, make sure you check her all over, because sometimes they will have puncture wounds under her wings and tail area that are hard to see until it's too late and infected. Maybe even wait till in the morning and see how she's doing. She's probably still in some shock and freaked out being separated from her friends. Try and give her some cooked eggs. Hope this helps.
Thank you both so much. I left her some of her food and some mealworms in there hoping she eats. first thing in the morning I will give her some scrambled eggs and check her over better. Thank you both so much for the response. She is my favorite of all my chickens so really praying she pulls through. I will update with more info. Thanks again!
Just wanted to update y'all. I put her back with flock and she is doing great. I checked her the next morning and she did have more wounds under her wings I had missed the first time. I gently checked each mark and put neosporin on them then took her back out. I was afraid the other chicks would peck at her messed up feathers but so far not a problem. Thanks again everyone.

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