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Aug 4, 2011
I found my hen with her leg caught in a crack hanging upside down in the coop. the leg isnt broken but the skin is damaged it looks as if shes been this way for awhile. i got her out an held her in my arms. shes a skittish chicken but she snuggled in my arms. she is heavily panting and her eyes are dialated and shes drooling. she also hangs her arms limp. what do i do. help i love her. will she make it?


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Jun 10, 2011
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I would probably bring her in the house. Need to put maybe the purple medication on the leg. Give her some electrolytes or sugar water. Keep her comfortable. She should snap out of it.
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Jun 16, 2011
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What do you mean she was hanging upside down? If she had been this way for a while she is probably just really stressed out. If a chicken hangs upside down for two long it can pass out or die which is probably why her wings were hanging limp and her eyes were dilated. Get some Antibiotic Ointment on her hurt leg and wrap in some soft cloth. Also to get her mouth open for some water put your thumb and pointer finger on both sides of her mouth and push in. Make sure you don't squirt the whole dropper down her throat at a time or she can choke
! Once I had a silkie who I had to dropper feed and he took almost 3 weeks to recover! I have noticed that a chicken can recover better if it has a friend, but if you think this is a contagious disease keep her isolated from other chickens!! It's hard to have a sick chicken, just don't give up!!
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Keep her in a quiet, dimly lit area since she may go into shock if she's overstimulated at this point. Continue the vitamin/electrolyte solution in her water and use the eyedropper to give her some if she won't drink. Clean her leg to remove any dirt and debris and treat it with Blue Kote.

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