Need help for a rescued PBP.

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    Dec 14, 2012
    So I'm taking in a pot belly piglet (roughly 8 weeks old) in two days as a rescue.
    I've researched everything that there is in the last 24 hours (we don't usually take in pigs, but this is a special case) but I am SO lost on food. His previous owner was feeding him puppy chow , the new people that took him in have been feeding him grains (oats, etc) veggies, and some fruit.

    I know there are commercially made PBP foods or "mini" pig foods but is there any way I can mix my own? I cannot find any stores near me that sell food appropriate for a PBP and I don't have enough time to order online.

    I found online on a "mini" pig breeders page that they suggest a 50% complete horse pellet and a 50% Rabbit pellet (12%) as long as the horse pellet has B Complex if you can't find a PBP food. Is this accurate?
    I'm open to all suggestions!

    I'm traveling to pick him up Sunday, so I'll share pictures with you all!

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