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Aug 9, 2021
Hi Guys, I have this rooster that need help. He's active he doesn't show sign of stress he still crows and pooped fine. I am afraid to lose this rooster. I've aid him for a month now it doesn't show signs of him getting better. I can't seem to find info about this and anything I read up on said to try I had try. I really need help on this. What I've try so far is Probiotics, Banixx infection spray, Miconazole cream, bath him in Epsom salt (20 to 30 mins) lastly I've try Nystain Oral. Here's a picture of the problem. (this is after soaked in Epsom salt) Any idea? 🤔
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Yes, This is the vent. The lower inner anus lip. If prolapsed does it happen to Roosters too?
It can happen, but it is more common in hens from straining to lay and egg or calcium deficiency. In roosters constipation or vent gleet might be the cause. The red internal tissue that is sticking out has to be kept moist with ointment, to keep it from drying out. It needs to be pushed back inside when possible. For constipation, many use coconut oil chilled in the fridge, and cut into small pieces for them to peck. That can help to lubricate things. Mineral oil added to a little bread crumbs or cooked egg would also work. Here is a article about vent gleet:
Eggsessive, after I gave him coconut oil he started to have loose diarrhea. Is it normal at this time?

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