Need help identifying age.

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Sep 1, 2013
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One day coming home from dropping my daughter off at Pre-K, my g.f notices "chickens out of their coop". Well, they weren't mine. They're actually my neighbors Roosters. They're not exactly the brightest neighbors, they "ordered chicks a while back and as they grew, eventually found out they got 3 roosters and 3 hens" neighbors say they're about 6mo old (which I don't believe) and if I knew anyone who wanted a Rooster they were free.
They let the Roosters free range && they come over to my house every now and then. First time this happened, I called my neighbor and they weren't coming to get them. They came up again Yesterday.. I didn't bother calling them (they're useless) ... && I like them around. They're well behaved and very pretty.

ANYWAYS.. long story short, I noticed they don't have spurrs like my Rooster does. They just have little "numbs"? How old would you say these Roosters are? AAAAND when do they get their spurrs?
If possible could you help me as to what type they are?

They're jet black w/ dark green hue to their necks and tails. They're combs are a luscious red and spiky they look very intimidating.
Pictures would help.

Most common black breed is an Australorp.

I'd not be comfortable with a young child and roosters ranging on my property. Just be aware you might need to swiftly dispatch a rooster if it goes for your little one.
They only come up once every couple days.. I do tell the kids to keep their distance from them just because they aren't ours. So far the last time he come up to visit he showed a very loving side twards my lone ranger.

when I said intimidating I meant more twards their general look like people look at a pitbull as intimidating. Proally should've been more specific in that. They haven't been up since Wednesday. I do hope they come visit on a day while the hubby is home so he can see them and how well they behave together, esp for not being ours and the age difference in him and Roost.
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