Need help identifying some bantams I rescued


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Aug 29, 2019
I took in about 10 bantams last fall. They had been in a pretty unhealthy environment. Some had mites on their legs and most had frostbite injuries. I know that frostbite is a normal part of keeping chickens in cold climates, but one actually had all of her toes frostbitten off.

Anyway, the ones that have survived our local fox population to date are doing well. I am having trouble identifying the breeds though. They may also just be a barnyard mix. I will post the photos by number for easier responses. Thanks.

The picture with the mother and chicks are the result of what I believed to be a OEGB Self Blue rooster that we lost to a fox. Hoping for a replacement. Sorry for the poor picture quality, some of them are still pretty skittish and hard to photograph.

IMG_8852.JPG IMG_0545.JPG IMG_1132 2.JPG IMG_3894.JPG IMG_7118.JPG IMG_8790.JPG

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