Need help identifying this chick.

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    Can somebody help me identify what kind of chick this is? I believe it looks like an IB silver pied, but I'm not completely sure. This chick hatched from a white hen and an IB pied male. (I think the Pied male is split to something). I attached some pictures. Thanks for your help. [​IMG]



  2. Arbor

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    Aug 14, 2011
    Looks like IB silver pied to me.
  3. Pretty hen!
  4. EyeKeyYou

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    Jul 7, 2012
    My guess would be an IB pied white eyed peahen.
  5. Quote:What are you seeing that tells you White Eye? The Cameo in the third pic might be WE, anybody else think so?
  6. Garden Peas

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    Sep 23, 2014

    Quote: The OP's first bird certainly has WE genes -- look at the silvering on the back below the neck (I think we recently learned the lovely term "wing saddles" which evokes pictures of elves flying on peafowl [​IMG]) and also on her wing feathers, which look lighter gray than a regular IB.... And she would need the WE genes to be a silver pied, if that's what she is?

    It seems like the question is whether she is IB silver pied, or IB pied white eyed... That's the place in the discussion we got to the other day about DylansMoms' bird....

    This bird seems to have more white on it, and sure looks silvered, I dunno, maybe this is the point where folks start debating amounts/percentages of white on the bird? I'm not enough of an expert to venture an opinion whether the hen is pied WE or would properly be called silver pied....
  7. I would vote IB pied white eye peahen. Not a silver pied in my opinion. Might carry silver pied though giving it the extra silver coloration.
  8. It is not the amount of white that makes it pied or silver pied. It is the genetics. Don't think about the amount of white as what makes a bird pied or silver pied. Rather think about what the pied and silver pied pattern gene does to a birds appearance. Although there is some variations and you can get fooled, don't you just feel that this bird has too much color for silver pied and that the colors and patterns are just to definitive instead of being more washed out?
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    Sep 23, 2014
    Well, this is why you are one of the experts, and I am a slow, and not well-educated aspirant [​IMG]

    When I look at the photos of the bird's right side, it has lots of color, not so much white, and although you can see some silvering, it's not super strong. Then when I look at the photos of the bird's left side, especially the second photo (the one just down from the top), there's a lot more white, and the feathers look more silvered below, compared to the feathers on the neck. And there are some white feathers interspersed with those lighter feathers in the saddle area (I just love that term!). I don't know whether either photo was affected by the lighting conditions.

    It seems obvious there is WE affecting the bird... but you are right, there is a LOT of color on the bird, so I don't know. My initial reaction was IB pied white eyed, because of all the color and the richness of the color... but I don't feel like I have enough experience or have seen enough birds to really say... I studied her pictures for awhile, debating, when I first saw them, because she reminds me of DylansMom's bird that we just talked about last week. As for venturing an opinion here as to which -- I definitely would prefer to defer to you folks that have been doing this longer with more birds than me [​IMG]

    She is definitely a pretty hen! [​IMG]
  10. Garden Peas

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    Sep 23, 2014
    So @AugeredIn , here's a question... could it be that the silvering on this bird is a result of single factor WE working with the loud pied (white + pied) genetics? And do you think that if she had 2 WE genes she would present as silver pied? Or do you feel that there is another gene/factor... a silver pied gene (possibly associated with WE genes, or a different version of the WE gene) that this hen doesn't carry, which is leaving her with all this color? Her feathers look somewhat diluted, but not as fully diluted as some birds.

    It seems like an area where different folks suggest different things, and I'm trying to understand the genetics [​IMG] and what we see as a result... it's really fascinating [​IMG]
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