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Dec 5, 2020
hello everyone , i love animals/pets. So 4-5 months ago i decided to start raising chickens. I bought 40 young chicks. 1 quail 2 turkeys and 37 chicks. 2 of them died the 2nd day and i was left with 35. When they reached 2 months age one cockerel died and i was lucky to see how, he pooped blood before he died and the other chicks started eating it. I was shocked so i researched the internet and found about coccidiosis in chickens. The next day 3 to 4 chicks started to look off and not eat so i panicked and went straight to a veterinary pharmacy and bought a medication for it which contains sulfaquinoxaline and amprolium and vitamins. I used it for 6 days straight in the water and it worked like a magic and the next 3 days with other medicine which is more vitamin booster. Many of them turned out to be roosters so i cull few each week . Now im left with less then 20 and 2 turkeys and i love them so much.they are 4to5 month old n
ow. But i have problem their poop looks very weird . Its mostly yellow diarrhea and to my shock one i saw have some blood. I panicked again and treated them with the same cocci medicine thinking they caught it again since i relocated them in the garden newly. But something is wrong . After treatment i still see same poop and some of them stopped eating and look ill. And to my shock all look much thinner their breast bone is so obvious 😥. I dont know whats wrong .... could it be not cocci something else? Did my medicine hurt them ? I researched the internet and found that sulfa drugs have bad side effects. Plz help me my chickens looks very thin now and lost appetite . I will post photos . Thank you.
Did you give a dosage of the medication with the correct dosage and length of time? Coccidiosis can cause gut damage, poor growth, and sometimes they can have enteritis or worms. If you could get a fecal float by a vet of some combined droppings that might help. A gram stain by a vet can diagnose enteritis or bacteria. A necropsy performed by the state poultry vet on any that die, can be a good way to get a diagnosis. Once treatment is given for coccidiosis, it is good to treat with probiotics and vitamins. It is hard to get a diagnosis just by posting poop pictures. Sulfonamide antibiotics can be hard on chickens and their kidneys, and dosage must be followed. I hope they get better. You might want to feed a little cooked rice with some buttermilk, and that might settle their diagestive tract and add probiotics.

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