8 Years
Jul 29, 2011
Hello everyone! One of my favorite chickens in my flock, Goldie has something wrong with her. I went out to pen up the chickens after them free ranging all day and I found Goldie laying down underneath the coop tilted on one side. She has no injuries from a predator it just seems something is really wrong with her. She stood up for a little so its not her legs, but she was stumbling and swaying and very lethargic. She is in an old chinchilla cage I have and she has food and water and blankets. Any advice on what could be wrong and what I should be doing? Or should I just put her out of her misery because that can be an option. Fast relpies are great!! Thank you!
When was the last time she laid an egg? if it has been a couple days, she could be egg bound, where the egg is stuck in her and she can't pass it.. Feel for any abnormal lumps. If you feel one, soak her in WARM water and epsom salts for about 15-20 minutes. After she's soaked, gently towel dry her, and massage her GENTLY. You do not want to break the egg. Give her a little bit to lay the egg, and if she doesn't, repeat. Hopefully someone else will pipe in with their 2 cents to confirm it.
Ok so where should I feel for an egg? She hasn't laid one in a while so that could be it. That's what I thought it was but I wasn't so sure. Thank you for the response!!
Oh dear! I think we need more information. Is she eating, drinking? Can you feel her crop and see if she has anything in it to indicate that she's had food or water recently? How old is she? Can you describe her symptoms in detail... is she panting? Does her breathing sound good? Any discharge anywhere? Has she pooped-- if so how does it look? etc. :)
She wont eat or drink no. Shes about 3 years old. She has some food in her crop but not much like I've seen from her. Her eyes open and close slowly like she is drowsy or sleepy or sick. I haven't listened to her breathing but I can. She did poop. I had to clean it off after i pulled her out from underneath the coop so she has been able to poop. It was a normal poop. Nothing abnormal

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