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Apr 13, 2011
NC I did the big no no and I have indeed learned my lesson. Now I need help to help the chickens that I did the big no no to. Okay so here is a short cap of what is going on.

I bought 3 new hens (around 12 weeks old) that have been vaccinated and has their beaks clipped (which I disagree with) and one rooster (which at the time I thought it was rooster but the person insisted it was hen). I put them all together except for the rooster (which at first that night I put them all together) Okay so that morning I took the rooster out and isolated him but assumed the 3 hens that were vaccinated are fine and kept them in the hen house. After 2 days of observation of the rooster I found no need to keep him separated and put him in with the flock. Later that day while in the coop watching the chickens one of the new hens sounded like she rattled a bit but over all the chicken looks exceptional well. Now days later my original hens are all rattling and now have gunk on or around their noses. They are not making as much noise as they use to but are still laying eggs and still want to go out graze. The rest of the chickens (3 new hens and rooster) all seem to be fine no symptoms at all..nothing.

However my 3 first chickens that I have raised from 2 day old chicks are all sick...I can tell they are not their usual self. Monkey was laying when I went to check on her but I saw stuff stuck to her nose which made me look at Dots. Dots laid first thing this morning and she had some gunk on her nose. I cleaned up and let her go graze. Rainbow had gunk on her nose as well and her left eye had clear gunk in it. I know this is probably not good at all and I feel absolutely stupid and simply just horrible for my 3 wonderful girls. So, I am now here begging for help...


Sorta of a rattling noise
gunk from nose
1 chicken has one eye with clear gunk in it
They are definitely not as spunky as usual

I deeply appreciate any and all help!
Look up chronic respiratory disease, could be that's what it is. Vitamins, electrolytes for any sick birds. Sorry about your birds getting ill.
I recommend you treat them all with denagard. Type "denagard" in the BYC search box and read up on it. I've read alot of good things about it such as no resistance and no withdrawal. No resistance alone would be worth it's weight in gold IMO.

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