Need help/tips for wiring heat element?


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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
Okay, I've finally decided I'm going to purchase the 250W heat element used in the GQF sportsman incubators for my cabinet incubator. I've also determined the 'proper' size for my incubator.

Size: 2' X 2' X 3'
Heat element: 250W cabinet heat element by GQF
: ReptiTemp 500R Remote sensor thermostat:

thermostat works by plugging things into it, so I need to have the heat element wired so it works on a cord. How can I do this? Would I just wire each end of the heat element to one of the wires on a 2-wire electrical cord?
if you dont need anything else to be on the circuit, a fan, a light, a switch/wafer setup, then yes, you should be able to tie the heating coil in solid to the power cord.
The power cord would be plugged into the thermostat so it can regulate the temps, it won't be directly plugged into an outlet. But wiring it like that would work? Splicing an electrical cord and wiring one wire onto each end of the element?
when you connect the cord to the heater I would use a duplex gang box and wire nut the wires together or else use a terminal strip it makes for a much more secure connection just putting a cord on the heater is the only way to do it it just looks too easy compared to actually having to wire something LOL

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